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"I cannot recall when I last laughed this hard for this long. My sides hurt even the next day. Laughter
truly is the best medicine. Your routine was age appropriate for everyone. The quality of the show
and the resultant laughter proved that vulgarity is not a prerequisite to make a show entertaining. My
only regret is that you only did one show. If you would have done another the following night, we
would not have had a venue large enough for the crowd. Thanks again for sharing your talent with the
Sailors and families in Sigonella. I hope you find a way to come back!"

Dale Carson
Captain, U.S. Navy
Executive Officer
NAS Sigonella, Italy

"What an amazing and hilarious event! We booked this show after seeing it at
another fundraiser. I'm truly glad we did because it was a smash hit, and had
everybody laughing for over an hour straight. It's generated great word of
mouth, and I've received incredible feedback from those who attended. We are looking forward to
having you back in February– people already want to buy tickets!"

Michelle Fiorenza
Down Syndrome Network AZ

"You were booked as a "special event" and proved to be quite possibly the the series' best decision
in this year's programming"

Dianne Liska Special Director of
Productions/ Events
Cal State Fullerton

"Ken was perfect for our university orientation. He combined the perfect mixture of enjoyment,
mystery, and education- the students were kept laughing and cheering in amazement."

Chris Hutchinson
Assistant Coordinator, New Student Programs
San Diego State University

"My wife and I both felt that your fundraiser for leukemia and lymphoma was the most entertaining
fundraiser we have attended in years. After the show people were literally stuffing the donation box
with cash, so it was a big success. I will keep an eye out for your future shows, but next time I will
bring a big group."

Justin Sturgess
Leaukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser

"This show was hysterical. The students have all been talking about it on
Facebook for days after the show. Many people have commented that it was the highlight of Grad
Night. I'm highly recommending it to next year's Grad Night committee, and I would say any group,
but especially students will absolutely love this show."

Kim Murphy,
Chairperson, El Dorado High Grad Night Festival

You had the audience on the edge of their seats, and laughing from beginning to end. Nobody knew
what to expect next. After the show, so many people were talking about how funny it was. It's so
refreshing and unusual to attend a fundraiser that is so enjoyable. The positive messages about using
relaxation techniques for stress control were very helpful for some of the cancer survivors in the
audience. Thanks for a great time!

Mary Alonzo
Susan G Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Fundraiser


You made me look very smart for booking Hypno-larious as entertainment. We received such great
feedback on your performance– so many people remarked that it was one of the funniest shows they
had ever seen. I believe the quality of the entertainment led to increased contributions for our cause,
and therefore we owe you great thanks.

Janet Coulter
Private Mansion Fundraiser for Cancer Research

"They did a spectacular job of providing entertainment that exceeded our
expectations, and left our guests very happy that they were able to support Oak
Grove, but also so satisfied that it had been such a pleasurable evening. I
would highly recommend Hypno-larious as a great event, and a wonderful way to
raise funds that is creative, fresh, and sure to leave people laughing and
wanting more."

Tammy Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
Oak Grove Center for Education, Treatment and the Arts

"This show was great. Laughter filled the event pavilion well into the night. Unlike a lot of other
benefits I have attended, this one had the right amount of begging for cash versus great comedy. The
whole night, emceed by Kristine from 101.3 the Mix, went very smoothly and was filled with smiles
and laughter."

Old Town Gazette

"The easiest fundraiser I've ever done. It was hilarious and clean. The students and staff all loved it–
everybody was cracking up."

Larry Berlin
Dean of Students Newbury Park High

"What an incredible show! I have to admit, I was skeptical since I wasn't sure
if this type of show would be right for our crowd. But they loved it! Everyone
was laughing hysterically, and people were still talking about it at our next event. The people who
went on stage and got hypnotized loved the experience, and enjoyed becoming "the stars of the
show." I look forward to doing this event again, and would highly recommend it to any group looking
for a fun evening full of audience participation, that will create hilarious memories."

Elaine Perliss

"You guys were absolutely fantastic. I really wished I could've been hypnotized
but didn't have the chance to go up. Looking forward to seeing you guys perform
again. You guys are fantastic, keep up the fantastic work."

Marco Hern
Student, Gertz-Ressler High School

"The show was absolutely hysterical! I would love to do this again. Everyone had
such a great time. Thank you so much for your generosity in putting this on for
Hospice of the Valleys."

Terry Azkoul
Executive Director
Hospice of the Valleys

"Ken gave us a night that people continue to talk about, even these many months later. Any
organization would do well to draw on his talents"

Lee Barker, Senior Minister
Neighborhood church, Pasadena CA

"I'm glad I did go up to be part of the show, I'm more of a believer now that
I've seen your show and been part of your show. I'm also feeling great! You guys
are great!!! Thank you!"

Ree Linden
Student, Newbury Park High

"It was absolutely hilarious! Everyone had a great time, and our students would
like to thank you for making this amazing event happen for us."

Amber Shields
UC Santa Barbara Hillel

"I would like thank you for putting on such a wonderful show. Everyone loved it
and it's created a real buzz in the community. You guys put on a fantastic show,
and I appreciate all the hardwork and accomodations you did for us. I'll
definitely recommend this show."

Avi Beliak
Arizona State University

This was such a fun event for our non-profit, Hospice of the Valleys.
When it came time to promote the event, staff, volunteers and the community
couldn't wait to attend. The show had the entire crowd roaring with laughter,
and a month now after the event, people are still talking about what a fun night
it was. I hope to make this an annual fundraiser; there is nothing
better than planning a fundraiser that brings a smile to our community, and
generates funds for those in need. What a fabulous night!"

Gina O'Bryant
Director of Development
Hospice of the Valleys

"I've seen two shows by these guys… I laughed so hard I was crying (made sure
to bring tissue to the second show)… in a good way! Great show… I highly
recommend it!"

Susie Calkins Giacalone